The Highlights: $1200

The Highlights package covers from the time you put on your dress until your reception begins. This captures a cinematic film that showcases glamorous shots of your wedding day.

The Coverage: $1700

The Coverage is a blended package of a highlight and full-day film. This is the perfect package for showing off your full day; from putting on your wedding dress to the last reception event.

The Essentials: $2000 **Most popular**

The Essentials is the perfect package to captures all dynamics of your wedding day — from the styling of your hair and makeup, to the big events of your reception. This includes one highlight video of the glamorous shots and a full day wedding film.

The Elite: $2700

The Elite package captures every single aspect of your wedding day. Your highlight video and full-day will have complete coverage not messing out on any details. Not only do you get two wedding films soon after your wedding day but you get an extended full day wedding film and an engagement session. This adds excitement and anticipation for your wedding day.

Add ons (ask for current pricing):